Suggestive Vegetarian Menu

Dal Makhni

Who doesn't like dal makhni in India. It's a mouth watering creamy mixture of lentils and red kidney beans in butter and spices. It is full of protein and calcium. No wedding or special occasion is complete without this nourishing vibrant food.

Mix Veg

Want a healthier as well as tastier food option? Then mix veg is best option for you. It is a north Indian dish, but loved in every part of India. It is highly nutritious and healthy food item, which includes numerous common and seasonal vegetables.

Kadi Pakoda

Crispy fried pakoda dipped in curry makes it even more delicious. This richly flavoured dish is preferred by everyone in all kind of occasions. This authentic dish is must to keep in menu, if you want to delight your guests with well seasoned food.

Sarso Ka Saag With Makki Di Roti

Sarso ka Saag is one of the most healthy and tasty Indian dishes. Prepared with seasonal mustard leaves, along with other green leafy vegetables, is one of the most preferred winter dish. A number of spices are added to this, to build it's flavour.

Chole Masala

Chole Masala, also called chana masala is traditionl thick curry, rich of flavours and taste. We serve you with best chole masala, tempered with extremely flavourful spices like cloves, papercorn, cardamom, cumin etc. This amazing dish will compell...

Dal Tadka

This savory and healthy staple dish is made of chana and arhar dal with fried tomatoes, green chilli's and spices. The tempting hot dal with topping of ghee, goes best with jeera rice. This simple yet flavoursome dish is just enough to satisfy anyone.

Gulab Jamun

Gulab Jamun is one of the most popular and traditional Indian dessert. It is a round brownish sweet ball made by frying maida and khoya in ghee. Filling of saffron, dry fruits and green cardamom makes it a whole package of flavours in itself.

Bengali Rasgulla

This soft, spongy and sweet white ball is extremely satisfying. These small sweet juicy balls are addictive and will make you want more and more of it. One can hardly resist it's mild flavoured sweet taste.

Punjabi Dhaba

Our Punjabi dhaba serves you with Punjabi cuisine like Sarso Da saag with Makki Di roti, butter, lassi (buttermilk) etc.

Snacks And Minerals

We offer you the best quality minerals and delightful crispy snacks with delicious chutneys.