Vegetarian Silky Silver Menu

Kadi Pakoda

This zesty creamy dish with pakoda's dipped in it is just irresistible. We fry pakoda's in pure mustard oil and use best quality gramflour to put the best dish on your table. Our piquant kadi pakoda will surly make you drool.

Dal Makhni

A bowl full of steaming hot creamy and exotic dal Makhni, what else one can desire for? Dal makhni is not just a dish, but an emotion. And we serve you the best aromatic dal makhni, which will just melt in your mouth and will make you forget everything. We don't serve food, we put emotions on your table.

Methi Matar Malai

Methi Matar Malai is one of the healthiest and tastiest winter dish of north India. The boiled and then fried fresh peas are mixed with aromatic fenugreek leaves , indian spices and malai (milk cream). The garnishing of cashew adds up as mild sweet taste. This dish with white gravy can go well with rice, naan or roti.

Matar Paneer

This Indian dish is insanely good for your taste buds. The sweetness of fresh peas combined with fried cheese cubes is ultimate thing to have for your special day. The tanginess of tomatoes, combined with gravy full of spices will leave you overwhelmed. This aromatic dish is rich of protein and calcium, which will keep you going for whole day.

Malai Kofta

Malai kofta is one of the highly preferred dish in India. Kofta is a dumpling ball made up of paneer, potatoes and mix veg, which is stuffed with dry fruits and nuts. The amalgamation of crispy kofta's with light sweet creamy gravy is just amazing. We serve malai kofta with garnishing of fresh cream, which gives it a tempting look and great taste.

Kaju Matar Makhana

Kaju matar makhana is a delicate curry with cashew, makhana (lotus seed) and matar. The roasted crunchy cashew combined with creamy gravy and soft makhana will go directly to your heart. This highly rich dish is full of protein, antioxidants, calcium and fiber. This is the best dish to make your special day memorable.

Shahi Paneer

Our restaurant style royal Shahi paneer will spellbond your guests with its creamy, soft and highly flavoured taste. You can enjoy this thick creamy dish full of flavours with naan, rice or roti. We guarantee you that your guests will cherish our exclusive Shahi paneer for the rest of their life.

Moong Dal Halwa

This sweet pudding is a ideal combination of mashed moong dal, ghee and dry fruits. It's not only tasty, but also support your digestion. You can't stop your tongue, once it gets taste of our freshly cooked moong dal halwa prepared in pure ghee.

Gulab Jamun

Gulab Jamun can't be explained in words, this dessert is one of the most desired Indian sweets, made of khoya and maida. Khoya is made by heating milk till it gets a creamy texture. We serve you the fresh and hot gulab jamun dipped in rose scented sugar concentrate.


You will get here the perfect combination of crunchy stuffed dosa with flavoured sambhar and yummy chutney, that you will cherish for rest of your life.

Dum Aloo

Our slowly cooked baby potatoes with gravy full of cashews, yogurt, tomatoes and aromatic spices is perfect treat for your taste buds. This genuine dish is much needed if you are preparing for any special occasion.


This authentic Indian snack needs no introduction. Only the name of golgappa can make you drool. This one single snack offers you a great variety of flavoured water that is imli, pudina, hing, sweet, spicy, sour and many more. The crispy ball filled with different types of flavoured water, chutneys, potatoes, chickpeas and masalas will make a blast of flavours in your mouth. This dish will instantly make you feel heavenly and happy.


Keep this aromatic, spicy and flavourful dish in your menu, because your guests will definitely look for it.


We serve this amazing cutlet, made of potatoes stuffed with cheese, which is served with yogurt and chutney along with garnishing of dry fruits.

Moong Dal Cheela

Healthy, delicious and nutritious lentil's Cheela, spiced up with lip smacking chutney, is all one can desire to have.

Bhalla Papdi

The wonderful combination of yogurt cream and crunchy waffers will fascinate your taste buds with just one bite.

Dry fruits Kheer

The rich pudding made of dry fruits and milk is insanely delicious. No other dessert can match it's taste as well as health benefits.


It is one of the classic Indian sweets, that would impress each and everyone with its light creamy texture.

Imarti Rabdi

The sweet flower like imarti dipped in creamy Rabdi, serves you the way to much happiness in your plate.

Minerals and Snacks

Complete your celebration with our soul satisfying snacks and pure minerals.