Vegetarian Silver Menu

Dal Makhni

A dish full of protein and calcium, which will keep you full and energetic for enough time to enjoy your occasion. Dal makhni is a dish full of lentils and red kidney beans, tomatoes, butter and cream. We make sure to serve you the best authentic slow cooked dal makhni to satisfy your appetite.

Methi Matar Malai

Words will fell short for you to explain the taste of this smooth, creamy and healthy dish. Methi Matar Malai is much more scrummier and nutritious than any other dish. This cuisine is merger of chopped fenugreek leaves and fresh fried peas. This mild dish can go well with rice, roti and naan as well.

Mix veg

This light, colourful and creative dish will make you fall in love with vegetables. Mix veg is the best option for those who want taste with nutrition. This dish provides you with package of energy and taste. This is perfect solution to escape those unhealthy foods at any events.

Matar Paneer

Matar paneer is best combination of health and great taste. The fried cheese soaked up with goodness of gravy full of spices will take you straight to the heaven. The spicy and tangy gravy with mild flavoured cheese and sweet peas will leave you speechless.

Kadi Pakoda

Curry pakoda topped with tablespoon of pure ghee, with jeera rice, what else one can wish for? This dish is richly flavoured with spices like cloves, cinnamon, fenugreek, amchur powder, coriander seeds and curry leaves and the pakoda's immersed in it make it even more heavenly.

Kaju Matar Makhana

Kaju matar makhana is an authentic traditional Indian dish, prepared mostly on special occasions. This creamy dish is prepared by combining the gravy of Indian spices and tomatoes with fried Makhana (lotus seed), matar (peas) and cashew. If you want to treat your guests in a royal way...

Dum Aloo

Dum Aloo is an authentic kashmiri dish. Small baby poatatos are deeply fried and cooked slowly with yogurt based spicy and creamy gravy.

Chana Masala

No one can miss this scrumptious dish full of chickpeas, with thick finger licking gravy. This extremely flavourful dish is irresistible...

Rajasthani Dhaba

Our Rajasthani Dhaba offers you with traditional Rajasthani royal dishes including dal Bhati, churma and many more.

Punjabi Dhaba

Dishes full of energy, taste and flavours will just win your occasion. This crowd thrilling food is quite famous and in demand in India.

Snacks and Minerals

Snacks and Minerals are must to make your occasion happening and memorable. Refreshing minerals and crispy snacks are enough to make you a good host.

Gulab Jamun

Gulab Jamun is milk solid based round sweet ball. It is quite famous and loved by almost everyone. These brown balls made of khoya and maida, garnished with dry fruits will give you a sweet pleasent experience, that no other sweet is capable of.

Ras Madhuri

Your guests will thank you for this sweet little Bengali dish garnished with dry fruits and saffron.

Imerti Rabdi

If you are looking for tasty and healthy dessert, then imerti is the best option for you. No one can resist this dessert made of deep fried lentils. The crispy imerti dipped in rabdi is perfect treat for your tongue in any kind of occasion. This is one of the best tasting Indian dessert. If you have a sweet tooth, then this is perfect option to satisfy your craving.